UTV Class Qualifying Order Announced for 2019 KOH

Ultra4 Racing toured the Amada facility, met for dinner with racers and sponsors and dropped hints about the upcoming 2019 King of the Hammers.

Qualifying will be in one hour blocks starting at 11 AM PST and will be finishing up with the 4 PM PST Power Hour with some of the top drivers from the 2018 race season. 91 of the teams registered for this year’s race will be participating in qualifying, while those not qualifying will be randomized and put behind those who ran the preliminary.

11 AM PST/2 PM EST Qualifying Order

NameCar Number
Knox Griffin278
Jake Hallenbeck4775
Sara Price78
Matt Zieler247
Jerod Birzer425
Austin Weiland4927
Jason Weller1910
Chad Hughes1295
Steven Robinson513
Scott Lesage4932
Scott Muchow4916
Robert Croy45
Bailey Cole4954
Trey McKinlay222
Marcos Gomez86
Stjin Vekeman4994

12 PM PST/3 PM EST Qualifying Order

NameCar Number
Wayland Campbell3
Will Harris4903
Raul Gomez83
Brandon Miller921
Chris Barnett1961
Brandon Schueler919
George Lisenberry1966
Darian Gomez90
Dustin Jones978
Michael Bostick4976
Robbie Lundsford5612
Kevin Fox242
Mark Morisoli805
Maddie Wedeking1808

1 PM PST/4 PM EST Qualifying Order

NameCar Number
Pauly Hart1911
Shannon Campbell5
Chris Holland4973
Bailey Campbell35
Kyle Chaney191
Aaron Henry209
Adam Reed870
Josh Chapman4907
Jeff McKinlay34
Ross Pilgreen111
Nicholas Turner922
Greg Uffens1944
Justin Cochran4972
Ronnie Anderson520
Matt Mangin812
Evan Englehardt1991
Kevin Stearns02
Michael Lee211

2 PM PST/5 PM EST Qualifying Order

NameCar Number
Michael Sawyer4905
Kevin Hart773
Andrew Walker4991
Chayse Caprara1481
Tracey Jordan112
Drew Herdeman8
Ben Jones570
Daniel Markley777
Christopher Vaske76
Blake Van De Loo1945
Brock Heger12
Brent Zimmerman31
Luis Gallardo923
Jim Henle411
Ryan Webb1146

3 PM PST/6 PM EST Qualifying Order

NameCar Number
John Duckworth1920
Phil Caliaro21
Anthony Yount420
David Newell17
Paul Krout4915
Aaron Clark1009
Joshua Smith1948
JP Gomez82
Randy Jelleff4902
Devin Aymond127
Todd Fry338
Ron Schaefer4911
Broc Smith1941
Michael Faltz537
Bryce Menzies7

4 PM PST/7 PM EST Qualifying Order Power Hour

NameCar Number
Jacob Versey1
Casey Scherer79
Travis Zollinger20
Cole Clark24
James Cantrell502
Dustin Robbins311
Patrick Murray902
Loren Healey67
Mitch Guthrie6
Mitch Guthrie Jr
Branden Sims913
Casey Currie2
CJ Greaves33
Johnny Greaves122
Mark Burnett905
Phil Blurton944
Ricky Farmer4959
Cody Currie22

Not Qualifying Randomized Order

NameCar Number
Lanse Chournos1929
Tomas Llamas726
Joshua Lauener4626
Jason Chase1969
William Eisenberg4950
Grant Farwell501
Anthony McAbee4904
Justin Barth2700
Chris McDaniel7665
Donnie Kehlenbeck
Matt Peterson1954
Robert Bieth1988

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