Timmie Cameron Has Perfect Day to Win SRRS UTV Bounty Race

Timmie Cameron had a perfect day at the Southern Rock Racing UTV Bouncer series in conditions that were anything but perfect. Slick mud, soaking rain, dense fog, tight courses lined with trees and steep hills were going to do everything possibly to prevent the competitors from completing the run.

Continuous weeks of rain throughout 2019 had completely saturated Windrock Offroad Park in Tennessee and the drivers had their work cut out for them on the course. The race was set up in two separate heats on one course. After coming off the start line, each competitor had to navigate through a short woods course, then navigate a steep hill climb, then sidehill on a loop coming back down the other side before going through the woods course again before taking the final steep hill that was littered with rocks, tree stumps and off camber sections. For the second heat, the first two sections were reversed before the drivers had to take on the big hill for a second time.

Cameron had two smooth runs, absolutely smoking the course with times of 60.22 and 62.95. His 60.22 run was the fastest recorded time of the day.

Paul Wolff and Travis Skelton rounded out the podium in second and third. Wolff and Skelton were slowed down by the narrow trees on heat one, but both made great times to put themselves back on the leader board in the second heat race. Wolff took second with times of 85.18 and 63.47. Skelton grabbed third with times of 81.07 and 73.15.

Donald Spicer, Wes Kean, Stephen Rogers, Dan Carter, Alex Crouch, Bryant Dunagan and Brandon Davis completed both hills with solid times on each run to finish out the top ten and to keep in the hunt for the 2019 Cup overall standings.

You can catching more SRRS action at their next event at Wildcat Offroad Park in Livingston, KY. The series continues with the Northern series March 29-30, 2019.

See the full gallery below for some of the action from this past weekend’s race.

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