The Best Polaris RZR Air Filters of 2020

The most expensive component and the heart of the Polaris RZR is the ProStar engine. Owners of the XP 1000 and XP Turbo are smart to ask, “What is the best filter to protect my machine”?

The OEM filter from Polaris is a good filter and provides adequate airflow and filtration for the machine. Like most OEM filters, it is composed of a standard cellulose filtering media and works well, blocking up to 99.97 of dust trying to destroy your engine.

Standard paper type air filters are used throughout the OEM world because the material offers the highest degree of filtering and it is inexpensive. However, OEM type filters are also the most restrictive in regards to air flow and can only be used once. There are multiple aftermarket companies that offer replacement filters with higher airflow rates and a couple have been able to match or exceed the efficiency of the stock paper filters.

The most common aftermarket options are oiled filters. These are usually made of a type of cotton gauze material or from different grades of foam. The advantages of these types of filters is that they are washable, reusable and they generally provide more air to your engine than a standard paper filter. Oiled filters require more maintenance than the standard paper filter and users of them must be careful to coat them evenly and not over saturate them. The downside is that even the best of them do not catch as much dust as standard filters.

S&B Filters Replacement Air Filter

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Premium Filter Kit by Donaldson

Using proprietary dry synthetic media, S&B’s RzR dry replacement filter can be cleaned as needed, up to 10 times for optimal performance without any special cleaners. After cleaning S&B’s RzR dry replacement filter will return to the original restriction and maintains its high capacity and efficiency. It also uses premium silicone rubber to last longer and will handle temperatures up to 400 degrees and is made in the USA. The S&B is the best of both worlds in our opinion, in that it is both a washable filter with higher air flow performance, but since it’s a dry filter, it provides the highest degree of dust protection available.

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The Polaris Ultraweb high performance air filter was co-developed by Polaris and Donaldson to create a high performance air filter for the Polaris RzR. It uses Donaldson’s exclusive Ultra-Web Nanofiber Filtration Technology which offers a higher initial efficiency compared to standard cellulose media and has an extremely high efficiency rating throughout a filter’s life. The Donaldson provides superior engine protection with 99.99% efficiency. It also boasts superior dust-holding capacity and 20% increase in service life over the stock air filter. Lower restriction over gives you better performance for increased horsepower, torque, and acceleration.

UNI Replacement Air Filter

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The UNI air filter is another made in the USA product and uses a unique dual stage foam design. The outer foam layer is designed to collect larger particles, while the inner layer picks up the much smaller one. Also unique is that the UNI can leave the outer foam dry to allow it to hold more dust or you can oil it if you are going to be riding in more wet conditions. Average usable life for the UNI filter is five years before needing to be replaced.

K&N Replacement Air Filter

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K&N filters are designed to increase horsepower and acceleration. K&N uses a pleated cotton media with multiple layers to offer excellent filtration, while offering low restriction, high capacity and longer service intervals compared to foam oiled filters. Each K&N filter is washable and reusable. Users can expect to get several years of usage out of these filters.

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