Stephen Rogers Tops SRRS Bounty Series, Tim Cameron Wins Cup

Southern Rock Racing invaded Wildcat Offroad Park in Livingston, KY March 29-30 for the first race of their Northern Series tour. Wildcat loaded up with a full house to see all the action over the course of two days of racing and the competition didn’t disappoint.

Friday’s action started with the SRRS Cup Series. This series combines hill climbing with short course elements such as tight turns and other obstacles. There are two heats for each race. Tim Cameron took the top of the podium with a time of 60.15 in the first heat and 58.94 in the second. Paul Wolff placed second with a 65.85 and a 57.46. Wolff’s second heat was the fastest time recorded of any racers of the day. Brandon Davis rounded out the podium in third with times of 65.94 and 61.98.

Tim Cameron pulled off a first place finish at the SRRS Cup Series. Cameron currently is leading the series in points on the season.

After three Cup Series races, Tim Cameron is leading the field with 286 points. Wolff is nipping at his heels at 282. Travis Skelton is still within striking distance with 249 points on the season.

Saturday kicked off the first Bounty Series race of the season. The Bounty Series is straight up hill killing action and only two out of the 11 competing drivers were able to complete both hills. Stephen Rogers recorded a time of 23.10 on the first hill and 35.84 on the next to take first place for the day. Wyatt Wilson completed both hills with times of 25.93 and 46.42 to land second. Travis Skelton had the fastest time of the day with a blistering 20.92 on the first hill, but was unable to complete the second hill, putting him in 3rd place overall for the day.

Stephen Rogers pulled out the victory in the Homewrecker buggy at the first SRRS Bounty Series race of the season.

SRRS returns to action April 12-13 at Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park in Dyersburg, TN.

View our full gallery of the SRRS Cup Series below.

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