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Best Kasawaki KRX 1000 Suspension Upgrades

The Kawasaki KRX 1000 has one of the best out of the box factory suspensions of any sport UTV on the market today.  The combination of wheelbase, vehicle width and suspension geometry makes the KRX  a very capable UTV regardless of the terrain you encounter.  However, like all things, there's always room for improvement.

From the factory, the KRX 1000 comes equipped with a set of Fox Podium LSC coilovers made to Kawasaki's specifications.  The piggyback reservoir shocks come with fully adjustable pre-load and 24 positions of low speed compression. Despite the name "low speed compression", these adjustments aren't targeted for the vehicle's speed. The low-speed compression (LSC) adjuster primarily affects compression dampening during slow suspension movements such as G-outs or smooth jump landings. LSC also has a significant effect on wheel traction and the just how harsh or plush your ride may be.  High speed compression and rebound is set internally and cannot be adjusted by the user.

Each coilover comes with springs to help your UTV's suspension and set the ride height.  The Kawasaki KRX uses a dual rate coilover set up.  This means there is a primary spring that is positioned on the bottom and is a higher spring rate. There is also a secondary spring that uses a lower spring rate that is positioned at the top.  In the UTV community, the secondary spring is also known as a tender spring and is called such frequently.

The coil springs that come from the factory are rated for the unsprung corner weight of a completely stock machine.  The lighter spring weight of the primary or tender spring can collapse prematurely and as such, spring and coilover upgrades are a popular upgrade to make on the Kawasaki KRX.

Kawasaki KRX 1000 Tender Spring Upgrades

Changing out the secondary or tender springs on your KRX 1000 is one of the most cost effective modifications you can do for your UTV, especially once you start adding accessories like bumpers, winches, cages and spare tires.  This is the spring that absorbs most of the lighter bumps felt on trails and once you start adding accessories to your machine, it becomes less effective.  Also, more aggressive drivers and those that tackle more harsh terrains can benefit from a tender spring swap.

If you're wanting the best KRX tender springs for your machine, the All Thingz UTV Kawasaki KRX 1000 Tender Spring Upgrade Kit is considered by many to be the best tender spring swap on the market.

All Thingz UTV was the the first to publicly market many of the tender spring upgrades for many of the most popular UTVs on the market today.  Their springs are shoot peened and pre set from manufacturing, meaning that they will not sag unless they are over loaded. They have extensive testing to ensure that under normal accessorizing circumstances that their springs are rated to lift the KRX to the OE ride height or even 20% higher if desired.

Some key features of the ATUTV Tender Spring Kit:

  • Factory color matched tender springs
  • 2-3 inches of ground clearance/ride height
  • 60% better ride quality
  • Lifetime warranty

Kawasaki KRX 1000 Full Spring Upgrade Kits

If you''re looking to take your ride to the next level and accomplish more than a simple tender spring swap can do, especially at higher speeds, then the Eibach Pro UTV Spring System is the best choice on the market for a KRX 1000 spring swap.

Throughout the development process, Eibach found the factory equipped springs caused a stiff unbalanced ride with minimal articulation creating rough handling during high speed chop and through the whoops.

Working within the range of factory equipped FOX shocks, Eibach assembled a complete plug and play spring system which tackles those areas of concern. The outcome is a true dual rate spring system with smooth ride over rough terrain and the higher additional final rate to prevent bottoming in the g-outs. You will immediately notice improved turn-in response and stay hooked to power out of the turns and deliver full confidence during high speeds runs.