Kawasaki Teases Brand New Sport UTV – Everything We Know So Far

Kawasaki has finally confirmed that they are tossing their hat into the ring for the sport SXS market, announcing a release date of October 7, 2019. This follows months of speculation on the manufacturer bringing a new UTV to market after the discovery of drawings submitted to the US Patent office.

The video is short and only gives us a shadowed glimpse of the new UTV. However, looking at the patent drawings, we have been able to determine some key elements for the Kawasaki SXS, rumored to be named the KRX.

The vehicle will feature a fully independent front and rear suspension. The front will feature high clearance a-arms with sway bars. The rear suspension will include high clearance trailing arms for maximum clearance along with a race inspired rear sway bar system with arms and links similar to what is seen on high end full size offroad race rigs.

The rear coilovers will be a dual rate two spring design with a fixed mounted remote reservoir. The frame will be split into a bolt together front and rear section. Protecting the occupants of the vehicle will be a curved roll over protection system. Early drawings had the front and rear sections of the ROPS will be a bolt on design as well comparable to the Polaris RzR. Each joint of the ROPS appears to have gusset plates in each section to increase strength. However, newer drawings seem to make the ROPS a one piece design with much improved triangulation, additional brace bars and an overall stronger design. The video seems to show something more similar to the early drawings that had been leaked. We can only speculate for now on whether Kawasaki plans to make a trail model or possibly also offer a more race inspired model.

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