Honda Talon Family Grows with New 2020 Models

Honda’s powersports division has announced the model lineup for 2020 and have delivered what many in the SxS community have been asking for since the Talon was introduced six months ago. Honda has unveiled new features, new options and the long awaited four seater model.

The biggest news is the launch of the company’s flagship model, the Honda Talon 1000X-4 Fox Live Valve. It uses the same independent double wishbone front and three link trailing arm rear suspension as the current two seater models, but that’s where the similarities end. Honda has stepped up their partnership with Fox and brought the Live Valve computer controlled coilover shocks into the Honda line-up.

The Fox Live Valve shocks are controlled by Honda’s custom control system, developed in conjunction with Bosch. Multiple sensors throughout the machine give real time feedback as to what is going on with the suspension and updates every five milliseconds. Bosch’s 5-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) monitors forces like roll, pitch, yaw, g-forces and cornering force. The suspension computer takes inputs from the IMU, along with the engine computer controller, the steering ange sensor and the brake pressure sensor. All this data is constantly monitored by the suspension ECU to adjust the compression damping of each shock. The result is that each shock is independently being electronically adjusted as you drive and those adjustments are done near instantaneously. Honda allows you to have some control over the suspension as well with the flip of a switch between Normal and Sport modes. Normal emphasizes ride comfort, while Sport Mode is ready to take on the most aggressive driving and terrain.

With the 1000X-4 model, you will also get Honda’s exclusive Launch Mode. This is something that was previously only available on the Yamaha, however Honda is the only powersports company to offer it on a UTV with an automatic transmission.

Another exclusive on the Talon four seater model will be the introduction of stadium seating for the rear passengers. The back seat is no longer just an afterthought. Honda raised the height of the rear seats three inches and brought the seats a couple of inches closer together as well so that those in the back can have a better view of the action in front of the UTV. Depending on who is driving, this may or may not be a good thing, but we love the additional thought that went into the design of this often neglected area.

Fuel capacity has increased for the 1000X-4 model, moving up to a 7.7 gallon tank with a .9 reserve compared to a 7.3 gallon with 1.1 reserve tank on the two seater model. The Talon four seater boasts a 116.4 inch wheelbase, 64″ width and despite it’s much larger size, only weighs a couple of hundred pounds more than it’s smaller cousin.

Also announced was a turbo option developed by Jackson Racing. The dealer installed option will increase the power of the 999cc machine 60%. The turbo will deliver approximately 165 HP running 91 octane fuel.

Chassis design between the two and four seater models has remained unchanged outside of length of the vehicle, so aftermarket accessories will port over easily for the most part.

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