Nestled in the heart of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, Hollerwood Park is one of the prime wheeling destinations in the southeast.  Combining the scenic beauty of the Daniel Boone National Forest and the efforts of multiple counties to add an economic boom to the area makes Hollerwood one of the more unique offroad parks in the country.  The park itself is run by a multi-county recreation board made up of representatives of Powell, Wolfe, Lee and Estill Counties.

Shotgun Trail

Hollerwood Park is a place to test you and your machine. There are very few groomed trails outside the gravel and blacktop access roads.  There is a mix of sandstone, limestone, mud, staircase climbs, rock gardens, cliff lines and much more within its 3000+ acres.

Many different colors and geological features are present throughout the Red River Gorge

With the park being relatively new, there hasn’t been a ton of official mapping done to the area. That said, it could be very easy for those not familiar with the terrain to get themselves into trouble pretty quick.  Thus, it is best to never travel alone and to ride with people that have been traveling the area for years. When you go, be sure to bring your camera for the spectacular views within the park and from the Red River Gorge National Geological Area itself.

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