Five Great Items for Under $100 for Your UTV

Let’s face it. Going offroad is an expensive hobby. Between building up your ride to make it your own and replacing broken parts, a UTV can drain your bank account quick. If you’re looking for some great budget items to improve your machine, UTV Revolution has come up with a list of products that we have tested ourselves and feel are a great value.

Dragonfire Racing Quick Release Harness Mounting Kit

Ditching the factory seat belts and installing safety harnesses is one of the most popular modification that UTV owners make. However, removing the harnesses can be a slow and annoying process. Dragonfire Racing offers these quick release mounting kits for four and five point UTV harnesses. The quick release snap kits install easily and allow for quick removal for cleaning or maintenance. According to Dragonfire, these were invented by “race team technicians to hold harnesses securely even in the worst conditions, but also quickly detach for the scurry in the pits”.

They are sold per seat and only cost $14.99 per set. We have found these to be a great time saver and highly recommend them.

Zeepin Universal Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Zeepin Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a functional and compact system that will work on any vehicle you put it on. When racing and strapped down, it is difficult to look around and see what’s going on with your tires and in the event of a slow leak (or sudden puncture), these come in handy to give you near real time information on what is going on with your tires. Not only do they monitor your tire pressure, but they monitor tire temperatures as well. The main device is powered either by a solar charge or via microUSB. The sensors themselves are external that simply replace your valve stem caps, so no need to break down the tire and wheel to install them. Also, if you lose a tire on the trail, you can easily transfer the sensor to your spare as you continue your ride or race.

We found the adhesive strip that comes with these to be lacking in dirty environments, so if you’re using this in a UTV, we would encourage using high strength industrial velcro or another mounting method instead. At only $48.99, we have found this to be a great addition to a UTV and with the added tire temperature settings, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pick up a set for your trailer as well!

RT Pro RzR Trailing Arm Brace Kit

The factory trailing arm mounts on the XP 1000 are only 1/8″ thick and sees a lot of force and movement. This has been identified as a weak point on the Polaris chassis and when they break, it leads to a very expensive fix. Trailing arms, coilover shocks and radius rods aren’t cheap. RT Pro came up with this inexpensive trailing arm brace system to over double the strength of the trailing arm mounts and they work well and installation is a breeze. The 3/16″ braces are laser cut and professionally powdercoated to make them nearly indestructible.

Made in the USA and coming in at only $75, the RT Pro Trailing Arm Brace Kit is cheap insurance and works great.

Factor 55 ProLink XTV

Traditional hooks can bend or slip through the spring loaded clip. Also, they’re significantly weaker than the billet 6000 series aluminum design of the Factor 55 ProLink XTV. It has been tested to have a breaking point of an incredible 22,000 pounds! Installation of the ProLink XTV couldn’t be easier. Simply remove your old hook, slip the thimble over the loop in your line, slide the 7/16″ titanium pin into it’s slot and put on the snap ring to secure it.

Another made in the USA product, we’ve been using Factor 55 products for years and highly recommend them. At only $94.95 we think they’re a great value.

SuperATV Winch Rocker Switch

While all winches on the market come with a wired controller to the use the product, there is something to be said for having the convenience of having an in-cab controller to be able to control the pull of your winch. SuperATV states this was designed for their winches, however we have had no issues wiring this to other products on the market.

The momentary switch is well constructed, has laser etched markings and boasts a water and dustproof rating of IP66. We recommend this for any UTV with a winch and it is a very affordable $24.95.

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Chris Holland was born and raised in Mount Sterling, KY and is the publisher of UTV Revolution. He has an award winning background in the journalism field, winning multiple accolades in sports writing, editorials and photography. He is also a driver in the Ultra 4, Pro Rock/Pro UTV and SRRS racing series. His first taste of going offroad was with his dad's 1979 CJ-7 when he was five years old and has been hooked ever since. After years of trail riding and technical rock crawling, he finally got the go fast bug and entered the racing scene. While he still has a great passion for full size rigs and rock crawling, he says there is nothing like the adrenaline rush you get from the speed and capabilities of UTVs.

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