Best UTV Sound Bars of 2020

When you are running short on space in your UTV and just wanting to run your music via Bluetooth instead of a traditional head unit, a sound bar for your UTV may be just what you’re looking for. The best sound bars on the market are able to recreate the highs of you music while still giving great mid-range response and decent hits for the bass. While no sound bar at any cost will be able to match a full custom system, these options on our list will be allow you to blast your tunes as you’re blasting through the trails.

JBL Stadium UB4100

JBL has been one of the premier names in audio for years and when it comes to the powersports market, the JBL Stadium UB4100 is no exception. This amplified soundbar lets you bring the JBL precision sound to your UTV. Bluetooth connectivity, plus 3.5mm and RCA inputs, lets you stream all kinds of music, while the built-in amp pumps out 160 watts of power for incredible sound, even at wide open throttle. Many sound bars are capable of being loud, but the JBL has nailed it on being able to be loud and keep the sound crystal clear.

The 160 watts of power isn’t just some normally inflated number. JBL rates their systems by their true optimal power with the RMS output. The ultra-efficient Class D amp kicks out 80 watts RMS to each channel, and includes intelligent priority switching so it’s easy to connect and enjoy your various devices. The 3.5mm jack overrides the Bluetooth, which in turn overrides the RCA inputs. That simplicity is invaluable when on the trail.

The JBL Stadium UB4100 features four long-excursion 4″ mid/woofers and a pair of high-output tweeters, so there’s plenty of volume on demand. If that’s not enough, a set of preamp outputs lets you add additional amps and speakers or even a subwoofer to your system if you’re wanting some hard hitting bass.

The JBL comes with a versatile mounting system that allows you to install it on a vast variety of roll bars and cages. The system includes universal mounting clamps, inserts, and quick-release brackets. The detachable RF remote lets you control your music from wherever you are, and there’s even a GoPro shoe so you can mount your action camera and capture when you’re ready to get rowdy.

The JBL Stadium UB4100 comes standard with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wet Sounds Stealth-10 Ultra HD

The Wet Sounds Stealth-10 Ultra HD soundbar is a 10 speaker-300 watt unit with eight full range 3 inch drivers and two 1 inch titanium tweeters. If you’re looking for loud and clear, this is the system for you. The clarity of the system is only surpassed by the JBL system, but the Wet Sounds is even louder.

The ten speaker array is powered by a built-in, DSP-controlled Class-D amplifier that is rated at 300 watts RMS. It delivers clear sound and solid bass for its size at nearly every volume level. The Stealth 10 Ultra HD amplified soundbar utilizes D-Bass technology for improved low-end bass response, especially when playing music at lower volumes. incorporates built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming of stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and other Bluetooth source devices through the amplified soundbar speaker system. In addition to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the Wet Sounds soundbar is fitted with a 3.5mm auxiliary input for a wired connection of portable audio devices that feature an analog audio output or headphone jack.

The Stealth 10 Ultra HD soundbar employs an extruded aluminum housing enclosure with a powder coat finish that is IP67-rated for extra durability and resistance from the elements. If you’re needing even more sound, the Stealth 10 Ultra HD also includes a 3.5mm line output to connect an additional external amplifier and speakers. The Line output is covered by a waterproof connector to protect it from the elements when not in use. The Stealth 10 Ultra HD comes with a RF remote for wireless operation of the amplified soundbar speaker and your connected Bluetooth source device. The one downside of the system with how it is packaged is that it comes with two “L” brackets that will require you to drill into your roof or another flat surface. However, if you want to mount it to a roll cage or other tubing, then you can purchase optional adapters.

Wet Sounds covers the Stealth 10 Ultra HD with a two years warranty.

Bazooka BPB36-G2 Party Bar

Between the sound and the multiple lights and multiple colors, the Bazooka BPB36-G2 Party Bar is aptly named. It is literally a party wrapped in a small round tube. Not only do you get a great-sounding system with cool lighting for your UTV, but it also comes with a USB input, easy to use buttons, and can be controlled from an app on your smartphone.

The speaker array includes four 2″ midrange speakers, four high-efficiency 1″ tweeters, and two 4-1/2″ end-loaded woofers. The bass response for the party bar is among the best we’ve heard. It’s not going to compare to dedicated subwoofer systems, but the full range of sound is impressive for its size. The sound is incredible from the party bar, with minimal distortion throughout most of its range of volume.

When it’s time to light things up, the Party Bar’s RGB LED illumination system will put on a show. The Bazooka features back-lighted tweeters, LED rings on the ends, and a dual LED strip running the full length of the back of the unit. The Party Bar can be set to flash multiple colors at any speed you choose with the included RF remote. The remote gives you wireless control over both your Bluetooth audio and the lights, plus any aftermarket LED light bar that you connect to the Party Bar’s accessory SAE power port. All these features can be controlled via your phone’s app as well.

Like the Wet Sounds system. the Bazooka BPB36-G2 Party Bar comes with “L” brackets to mount to a flat surface, but if you’re wanting to mount to your cage, then Bazooka offers optional universal tube adapters to make mounting quick and easy.

The Bazooka BPB36-G2 Party Bar is backed by a one year warranty.

PowerBass XL-800

The PowerBass XL-800 Bluetooth soundbar delivers crisp and clean sound with eight speakers driven by 300 watts RMS. PowerBass packs it all into a rugged, water-tight aluminum body built for the the most harsh conditions going offroad. It gets a serviceable amount of bass, but really shines on midrange and highs. Even cranked up, there is minimal distortion in the sound.

The soundbar’s circuit board has been conformal coated with a layer of transparent material that protects the parts against moisture, dust and temperature extremes. In addition, stainless steel hardware is supplied to resist rust and corrosion. A 3.5mm Aux input (250mv-3V) allows you to make a wired audio connection to your smartphone, tablet, or portable digital audio player. However, if you’re ready to ditch the wires, The built-in Bluetooth 4.0 with support for A2DP/AVRCP allows you to wirelessly stream stored music, music apps, and other audio content from your phone to the PowerBass Xtreme XL-800 amplified powersports soundbar speaker. Controls for the volume and tracks are done directly from the sound bar itself. However, if you’re wanting to mount the sound bar behind you, it would be best to purchase the optional wireless controller.

Universal “L” mount brackets offer easy installation for flat surfaces. Optional mounting brackets are available if you’re wanting to mount it to your roll cage. For the money, this is one of the nicest sounding sound bars available.

PowerBass offers a one year limited warranty on the Xtreme XL-800.

MB Quart Nautic NSB10V1

The MB Quart Nautic NSB10V1 10-speaker sound bar is a great budget option for your UTV if you’re looking for quality sound. Designed specifically for powersports applications, the NSB10V1 includes a built-in Class-D amplifier that can deliver up to 30% more SPL than standard amplifier technology. The high-power digital amp powers eight 3″ mid/bass drivers, with poly composite cones and butyl rubber surrounds, and two 1″ titanium dome tweeters with neodymium magnets.

The NSB10V1 includes built-in Bluetooth technology for streaming music from a Bluetooth enabled device. The soundbar’s Memory Sync feature will remember the most recently connected device and will automatically re-connect to it when powered up with the device in range. In addition to Bluetooth audio streaming, the NSB10V1 also includes a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input jack for running audio from a portable media player or headphone output jack. A pair of RCA outputs are also included for passing a full-range signal out to an additional amplifier or optional powered subwoofer. A Remote Out wire on the Power harness can be used for activating an outboard amp.

The NSB10V1 features large, center-mounted controls for Power, Track Forward/Back, Volume +/-, Play/Pause, and a Map Light button for illuminating the built-in LED map light. All buttons are rubberized for all-weather control, and are large enough to easily be used with riding gloves on. A row of RGB LEDs above each speaker section can be activated by a single press of the Map Light button and you can easily cycle between all the different colors available.

The Nautic NSB10V1 features a marine grade chassis made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum and a perforated steel grill, offering maximum protection from the elements, bumps, and impacts. All wiring connections and mounting points are sealed, providing an IPX68 weatherproof rating. The MB Quart soundbar offers two mounting methods with hardware included for both. You can flat surface mount using the included “L” brackets or you can mount to your roll cage with the included tube clamps.

MB Quart backs the Nautic NSB10V1 with a one year warranty.

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