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One thing you’re sure to miss once you start driving a UTV is being able to see what is behind you. It’s just second nature when we’re driving our cars or trucks down the road and we use the side mirrors for situational awareness. Even if our UTVs are sticking to the trails, a quality set of side view mirrors is an essential accessory for our rigs.

There’s a lot of aftermarket options for Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Honda and Arctic Cat UTVs. Some are super cheap, but very poor quality. Others are expensive, but rich with features such as additional lighting. Whether you’re looking for the absolute best side mirrors on the market or just the best on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

Siezmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors

The Siezmik Pursuit Side View Mirrors are hands down the best mirrors in the UTV industry today. With options from 1.75″, 1.875″ and 2″ roll cages, Siezmik has an option for nearly every UTV on the market. They feature a cast aluminum housing that is designed to withstand the most extreme punishment you can dish out. Weather sealed caps are designed to keep out debris and rubber vibration isolators keep a clear image in the mirrors and prevent them from sliding.

Notched Delrin detents allow the mirror to fold in when hit and be returned to its original position in one move. The adjustable independent glass stays where you set it, keeping riders focused on the trail and not their mirror. The Pursuit mirrors are fully adjustable and serviceable. Independent convex safety glass provides a wide viewing angle and can be replaced without having to replace the whole mirror in case you break the glass.

Most impressive for Siezmik is that they offer an unlimited warranty for life on their mirrors. No matter what you do to the mirror, they will replace it for free. Drop your rig off 12′ cliff directly onto the mirror? It’s covered. They even have covered a mirror that was eaten by a cow. We’re not sure how that even happens, but they stand behind their products no matter what and for that reason, we consider the Siezmik Pursuit to be the best mirror on the market today.

Rigid Industries Reflect LED Side Mirrors

The Reflect mirror by Rigid Industries was introduced in 2016 as the first LED light that not only illuminates the road ahead but also allows you to see what’s behind. The RigId Reflect is an advanced LED lighting solution with a fully adjustable side mirror all in one. The Reflect uses Rigid’s patented LED technology and new Side-Shooter optics to provide a wide beam of light for cornering and drifting. For even more versatility there are also built-in amber LEDs on the outside edge of the fixture that can be used as turn signals flashers or even auxiliary running lights. The mirrors themselves can be adjusted independently and feature a convex mirror for an enhanced field of view.

The lights and mirror can be aimed independently and tube mounting clamps are included to make installation easy. The mounts can be installed in the forward or reverse position depending on if you’re running a windshield. The mount type can be run with most windshields on the market. The mirrors feature a break-away joint to help prevent damage and the lenses are made from nearly unbreakable polycarbonate. The Reflect puts out 3775 raw lumens of light and the LEDs are rated for 50,000+ hours of use.

Xprite UTV LED Sideview Mirrors

XPrite introduced these mirrors as a budget import alternative to the Rigid Reflect and have come up with a new clamp design that allows mounting to any tubing from 1.25″ to 2.5″ in diameter. This new design eliminates most interference issues with most factory and aftermarket windshield on the market.

The mirrors themselves have a blueish tint to them that helps to eliminate glare from sunlight, along with artificial lighting sources. The blue works fairly well in doing so, while offering exceptional clarity. The mirrors feature rubber vibration isolators for keeping a stable view in rough terrain and to prevent the mirrors from sliding. These are standard flat mirrors that don’t offer the extended view that convex mirrors have.

The built in LED lights are offered with both clear and smoked covers. The lights, especially the clear version, offer an impressive amount of light, featuring nine 5W LEDs. Fix are configured for forward facing slight and three additional ones are positioned to give additional lighting to the sides. They have an output of 4,500 lumens and the LEDs are rated for 50,000+ hours of use. Though the advertised lumen output is higher than the Rigid Reflect, we feel that the Rigid mirrors produce more light. However, the light output of the Xprite is still quite good.

The lights come fully equipped with everything needed for installation, including mounting hardware, along with a harness and a factory style rocker switch to operate the lights. Sealed deutsch connectors make the installation plug and play with no cutting or splicing.

Ransoto UTV Offroad Side View Mirror

The Ransoto UTV Side View Mirror set is basically an import budget version of the Siezmik Pursuit mirror with some minor differences. We’ve found these to be by far the best budget side view mirror set on the market, but they are only available for 1.75″ roll cages. If your UTV has that size cage, we highly recommend these as an affordable mirror solution.

Like the Siezmik, the Ransoto is a cast aluminum housing with independently adjustable convex mirrors. Notched detents can be tightened or loosened to allow the mirror to fold back or forward when making impact with a tree. The adjustment bolts are covered with a weatherproof seal to protect it from the elements. One key difference between these and the Siezmik is that the Ransoto uses a steel clamp with a slip-resistant rubber shim and a tightening bolt for a perfect fit. Siezmik uses a much nicer looking aluminum and steel hinged design, however the Ransoto steel hinge clamp is nearly just as solid.

The Ransoto mirror eliminates slippage and vibration nearly as well as the Siezmik. The only downside is that these do not offer the same no questions asked lifetime warranty, however these are absolutely the best quality cheaper mirrors on the market.

Kolpin UTV Side Mirror

Kolpin Heavy-duty UTV side mirrors help you see what’s behind you and the dust you’ve kicked up along the way. These mirrors are designed with break away features and to fit most major brand UTVs with 1-5/8″-2″ diameter tube cages.

The Koplin mirror offers a unique feature that we haven’t seen in any other UTV mirror. The large lower mirror is a flat panel, which gives a view true to life in terms of how close an object is. The upper mirror is a convex panel, which gives a wider field of view and picks up blind spots that a flat mirror will miss. The taller shape of the mirror gives a more complete view of what is behind you in steep areas, but sacrifices somewhat the width of the view compared to others mirrors in this article.

This is the most affordable mirror set that we have reviewed and we find them to be a good value for the money. However, the plastic housings and clamps are not nearly as robust as others reviewed above. The mirrors tend to vibrate a bit more than others we’ve tested and don’t hold their position as well. However, that said they do work significantly better than other plastic mirrors that we’ve tested and chose not to include as a recommendation in this article.

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