Best Subwoofers for the Polaris RzR, Adding Rich Sound to Your UTV

There’s few things better than riding through the woods, hitting deep mud holes, climbing gnarly rocks, blasting through the dunes or speeding across the desert while listening to your favorite music to get the adrenaline pumping. Yet another advantage to the Polaris RzR is that there are several options for bolt in solutions to adding some hard hitting bass to your UTV.

There are two main areas where manufacturers have concentrated on locating the subwoofer. Some fit the sub behind the dash where the glovebox is located. Another available design is fitting the enclosure behind a seat mounted to the rear firewall. There are advantages and disadvantages to each design. The glovebox design is the most popular because it brings all the sound to the front of the vehicle and it gives the most hidden type of installation. No one will ever know it’s there unless you turn up the music. The downside is that you lose most of your glovebox storage. You will be able to fit your factory tool kit, some paperwork or a smaller cell phone in there, but that’s about it. The rear firewall enclosure subs offer good sound without affecting your storage, however they do block your normal access point to the rear when changing out oil filters. They are also much more exposed to the elements and have a tendency to rattle and collect dirt, which can make cleaning them a bit of a challenge. For that reason, we much prefer the behind the glove box version of mounting.

JL Audio PowerSport Stealthbox

JL Audio has been at the forefront of premium audio solutions for years and their powersports products are absolutely top of the line. When it comes to clean sound and hard hitting base, JL beats the competition.

Made in the USA, the PowerSport Stealthbox features a custom fit front firing fiberglass enclosure fitted with their 400W rated 10TW3-D4 10″ subwoofer. JL’s TW3 400W RMS series speakers are slim line audio solutions that were specifically built for smaller enclosures to maximize sound. The enclosure uses the factory glove box door for a seamless fit.

The JL Audio system produces a smooth and deep bass note that is usually only heard in set ups with much larger enclosures. The accuracy of the sound of drums coming through the speaker is very clear and hit as hard as many 12″ higher end subs we’ve heard. How JL is able to get this sound out of a thin designed speaker and small enclosure is an engineering feat.

Another unique feature of the Stealthbox is an additional panel that JL Audio designed to attach to the firewall to eliminate rattling. It also comes with foam that can be placed if there are any contact points that can produce rattles from the vibrations the sub system will produce. The included instructions are easy to follow and the system features a two year warranty.

While this is the most expensive UTV sub enclosure that we reviewed, the cost is well worth it if you are looking for absolutely the best sounding system available for your RzR. For that reason, the JL Audio PowerSport Stealthbox tops our list of the best subs and enclosures for the Polaris RzR.

Rockford Fosgate Polaris RZR Custom Direct Fit Enclosure

If outstanding sound at a more affordable price tag is what you’re looking for, then the Rockford Fosgate Direct Fit systems is what you’re looking for.

The enclosure is a compression molded fiber reinforced composite blend with UV resistant finish. It is a direct bolt into vehicle using OEM mounting holes and utilizes the factory glove box door to offer a factory look. The enclosure is very sturdy and will fit Rockford RM series, Punch PM series or Slim T1 series 10″ subs. One thing to note on fitment is that this box may interfere with installation of some aftermarket upgraded power steering systems.

For our review, we used the RM series 10″ sub and found it to hit hard and clean and produce smooth tones for deep base. The RM series will handle 200W RMS with 400W max. If you’re looking for something that hits a little harder, the Punch PM 10 would be a good choice. It will add an additional 50W RMS of capacity, but it will add a little over $100 to the price tag. Both series of speakers are marine grade and will handle the elements very well.

The Rockford system comes with outstanding instructions that are very easy to read and is backed by a one year warranty. The affordable price tag of the system, along with the incredible sound produced makes this the best value custom fit subwoofer system for the Polaris RzR.

SSV Works Glove Box Replacement Subwoofer Enclosure

SSV Works specializes is UTV audio solutions and offers the widest variety of products for the SxS market. They offer some of the most affordable products to add bass to your system that we reviewed. Their glove box speaker system can be configured empty to add your own sub, loaded with their standard 300W RMS SSV 10″ sub or upgraded to their Kicker 400W RMS Powersports Subwoofer. They also offer systems with a built in amplifier.

The SSV Works side fired enclosure features a molded fiberglass construction and mounts inside the dash reusing the factory glovebox door. We did experience a couple of fitment issues with the SSV model. First, the enclosure interferes with the factory firewall grommet that most people feed their wires through. If this is your first time going behind the dash and you haven’t previously wired aftermarket accessories in this location, then it’s no big deal because there are other places to run wires. However, if you have already run wires in this location, you will need to relocate them. Also, our side panel factory plastics didn’t fit flush once the enclosure was installed. This isn’t a common occurrence according to most people, so it could be machine tolerances.

Our model included the built in amplifier. One thing to note is that if purchasing the version with the built in amp, that the connections are not standard RCA connectors. SSV uses a proprietary connection on their head unit, so you will need to custom wire this if using it with anything other than a SSV radio. The built in amp with standard SSV sub provides good sound to fill out your system, however users will be underwhelmed if they’re looking for hard hitting bass. For this reason, we highly purchasing the non-amplified version and using a high quality amplifier to get the most out of the system.

The full color instructions that come with the kit are well done and if you’re running a SSV head unit, installation is fairly simply and is backed by a one year warranty. If an affordable custom fit subwoofer is what you’re looking for, the SSV Works is a good option to consider. While it doesn’t hit as hard as some more expensive options on the market, it does well in filling out sound in your UTV without being overwhelming.

MTX Polaris RZR Amplified Under Dash Subwoofer Enclosure

MTX Audio also offers a front firing, in-dash, behind the glovebox subwoofer enclosure for the Polaris RzR. If you’re looking for the stealth design of an in-dash sub, but still want to keep more use of the storage of your glove box, this is the box for you.

MTX only offers an amplified rotationally molded low density polyethylene subwoofer enclosure and will work with any head unit with RCA outs. You re-use the factory glove box by disassembling it and splitting it in half and then attaching it to the enclosure. The unit is fitted with a 250W internal amplifier that matched up well with the 250W RMS sub. Also included is an external bass controller to use if your head unit doesn’t have one built into it.

In regards to sound, MTX went back to the drawing board after feedback on their previous generation of RzR subwoofers and came up with a much improved design. The kicks from the sub are fairly crisp, however because of the slim design of the box, it does not create the same deeper tones of the JL or Rockford system. We feel the LLDPE composition of the enclosure probably hinders the sound a bit as well versus the rigidity of fiberglass. However, it performs very well for a 10″ subwoofer and will compliment tower speakers or soundbars very nicely.

Since the enclosure extends into the driver’s side area, this box may interfere with aftermarket upgraded power steering systems in the same manner as the Rockford sub system. Installation takes a couple of extra steps compared to some other offerings on the market, however you get more storage space as a trade off. The instructions are well laid out and easy to follow and the system is backed by a solid two year warranty with an outstanding service department.

BrandMaterialSub SizeRMS WattsLocationWarrantyBuy Now
JL Audio PowerSport StealthboxHand finished fiberglass10"400WBehind glove boxTwo Years
Rockford Fosgate Polaris RZR Custom Direct Fit EnclosureFiber reinforced composite blend10"200WBehind glove boxOne Year
SSV Works Glove Box Replacement Subwoofer EnclosureCustom molded fiberglass10"300WBehind glove boxOne year
MTX Polaris RZR Amplified Under Dash Subwoofer EnclosureRotationally molded low density polyethylene 10"250WBehind glove boxTwo years


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