Best RZR XP Turbo Exhausts of 2020

Whether you want a different sound or you’re looking for performance gains, there are many options on the market for the Polaris RZR XP Turbo. A simple ECU flash or programmer is a quick and easy route, but if you really want to maximize the gains, a performance exhaust system can add some noticeable ponies as well. Increasing horsepower aside, there are many UTV riders that would simply like a different sound out of their SXS. Many others like the sportier look that a performance exhaust system adds to your ride.

So whether you’re looking for a new sound, better performance or just a visual upgrade, we have put together a list of some of the best Polaris RZR XP Turbo exhausts on the market today.

Trinity Racing Stage 5 Full Exhaust System

A deeper tone, without being obnoxious. Better throttle response, with significant improvements in low and mid-range torque. The Trinity Stage 5 Exhaust system is our pick for the absolute best full replacement performance system on the market today. The Stage 5 has a significant amount of racers running their system to get maximum performance and has gained quite a following among enthusiasts as well.

Built with dual aluminum alloy mufflers on brushed 304 Stainless pipes, the Stage 5 system is purpose built for generating peak horsepower and torque. Expect a significant bump in both on the XP Turbo. The system comes fit specifically for your XPT with fully TIG welded joints, an oxygen sensor bung already in line, and USFS approved spark arrestors. Even the smaller details like the 6061 billet clamps and exhaust tips are on-point with premium quality.

The Trinity system is built to easily be serviced. New pillow packing for the exhaust is available for the systems, is readily available and easily done. The Trinity Stage 5 is made in the USA and comes with a full five year warranty.

HMF Performance Series Dual Full Turbo Back Exhaust System

HMF exhausts feature a full throaty sound, without most of the heavy drone that effects some other exhaust systems on the market. They’re relatively quiet compared to the stock RZR exhaust, increasing the sound to only 3-6 dB louder than stock. Performance gains of over 4% can be achieved without a tune.

The Performance Series features dual aluminum silencers paired with a stainless steel downpipe. The downpipe includes a flex joint and custom laser-cut heatshield that mounts to the downpipe, along with a welded bung for your O2 sensor.

HMF offers repacking services for their exhaust systems by sending in your system for their expert maintenance. Each exhaust system is made in the USA and features a two year warranty.

Evolution Powersports Captain’s Choice Full Exhaust System

We love the innovation that this exhaust system from Evolution Powersports brings to the table. The EVP Captain’s Choice is a cut out style exhaust which allows both quiet and loud exhaust notes in one package. With the cut out valve closed, the exhaust is only slightly louder than the OEM, but with it open, you will hear the engine really scream to life.

The built in house, 304 stainless steel muffler has two pathways inside. The boost actuated exhaust valve controls whether the exhaust has to go through the quiet channel, or the second path which is a straight pipe through the muffler. When cruising below 5 lbs of boost, the valve is closed, but step on it and the valve opens. Not only does the exhaust note get louder, but extra power is freed up. For those that love loud exhausts, but want to be considerate of their neighbors when rolling back into camp, this system hits the mark.

The EVP exhaust system in made in the USA of 304 stainless steel and is fully tig welded. Each system comes with a one year warranty for the original purchaser.

Empire Industries Quiet Series Slip-On Exhaust

If you’re looking for a deeper exhaust note, but still want something relatively quiet like the factory system, then the Quiet Series from Empire Industries is an excellent choice.

The dual 6061 Aluminum silencers with billet end caps are a simple slip on system without a new downpipe, so gains are relatively modest in terms of HP and torque. However, the sweet exhaust note sounds much better than stock to us without being annoyingly loud. The construction also saves some weight and looks much better than the stock generic Polaris setup.

MBRP Dual Slip-on Performance Series

For over 21 years, MBRP has been delivering exhaust systems to performance enthusiasts. MBRP is the exhaust of choice for some high profile offroad athletes, such as Loren Healy and Nitro Circus driver and everyone’s favorite redneck, Hubert Rowland.

The MBRP Performance Series slip on exhaust creates some modest torque and horsepower gains without the use of a programmer. The sound is fairly aggressive from the start and you can really feel it when you open up the throttle. MBRP makes servicing the dual silencers extremely simple, with their easy unbolt and slide entry and exit.

The exhaust is made of 304 stainless steel, features a USFS approved spark arrestor. Fitment and ease of install are on point with the MBRP system and features a one year warranty.

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