Best Door Bags for Your Polaris RzR

One of the most popular questions on various forums and social media groups is, “What door bags should I buy for my RzR?” With the lack of available storage and complaints about banging knees on the doors inside the SxS, it’s obvious why door bags are such popular items and one of the most popular accessories for Polaris’ sport UTV.

UTV Revolution has come up with a list of what we feel are some of the door storage bag options on the market. We compare features, durability, fitment and price to come up with a list that can better help you know what door bags to buy.

1. PRP Side Door Bags

The original door bags produced for the Polaris RzR and in our opinion, they’re still the best. Available in a variety of colors to match the color scheme of your RzR, it’s easy to add your own personal touch. The bags are highly water resistant, so they work well to keep your valuables dry even if it’s pouring down rain. We’ve found them to protect well against UV rays from the sun and do not fade or break down like some others we have seen. The fitment is spot on as well and match up perfectly with factory doors for a super easy installation.

PRP addressed some earlier issues with the zippers on the bags. Earlier versions of the puller had a tendancy to break, however PRP switched to a more heavy duty puller in their current bags.

One slight con is that the teeth of the zipper are exposed to the elements. If the bags are neglected and not cleaned, this can lead to issues, however if the zippers are regularly cleaned and lubricated, this isn’t an issue.

2. Nelson Rigg Door Bags

The door bags from Nelson Rigg over the most storage of any door bag on the market. The front of the bag has a removable knee pad that can be taken out to maximize the storage capabilities of the product. Inside the storage compartment are additional mesh pockets woven in to hold cell phones or other accessories.

Instead of using factory hardware to mount, Nelson Rigg uses reinforced grommets to hold the bags to your factory doors.

The interlocking zippers are at the top of the door bag, which once again is designed to maximize the storage capacity of these products. We thought the ability to lock the zippers was a nice added touch to the product. Sure, it can easily be defeated, but the idea is to keep the honest people honest.

What kept the Nelson Rigg from taking the top spot is that the knee pad isn’t as robust as some of the other top ones on this list and the zipper location at the top can allow moisture to creep in. However, if you’re looking to absolutely have the most storage of any door bag on the market, the Nelson Rigg bags are a perfect solution for you.

3. SuperATV Door Bags

The door bags from SuperATV give PRP a run for the money. They aren’t available in the variety of colors, however they come with some features that other door bags do not.

First, the door bags from SuperATV come with a cover over the zipper that helps in keeping the mud off and it works very well. Also, the storage compartment also has mesh pockets woven into it that you can use to hold things like cell phones or other items you don’t want bouncing around inside the bag. This is a very nice added touch.

The material feels and looks slightly cheaper and the flap that covers the zipper can be slightly inconvenient when pulling items from the bag. However, the UV protection seems to be excellent and should last for years to come. Fitment is once again great with stock doors.

4. Bombshell Gear Molle Door Bags

If you’re wanting a tactical look and feel for your Polaris RZR, then the door bags with MOLLE pouches from Bombshell gear are for you. Utilizing PALS webbing, they are compatible with other MOLLE storage options other than the provided accessory pouches that come with the kit.

The door bags are made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, which will not rot or mildew, however they are not as water resistant as other bags we have reviewed. The fabric does dry out quickly and holds up well to the sun beating down on them very well. These are a great option for those that are looking for a versatile platform that you can customize.

5. Bevel Engineering/Chupacabra Door Bags

These two companies offer door bags with an additional bonus feature in the form of a drink holder. While we don’t recommend riding down the trail with an open can which will spill your drink everywhere, the drink holders themselves are adjustable, so if you have a drink with a lid, these are versatile and will hold different size drinks.

These bags are among some of the most affordable on our list and are made with
1680D Nylon, which has some weather resistant properties, but doesn’t seem to keep as dry as others on this list.

6. KemiMoto Door Bags

The least expensive pair of door bags on our list, the storage bags from KemiMoto are a good option for those that are looking for an affordable way to add additional storage to their RzR. Made of 1680D Nylon, they’re not as water resistant as our top choices on this list, however they do work well to keep items mostly dry except in the most severe of conditions.

The zipper on these bags is in the most exposed position of any of the products we’ve reviewed. Also, several users have reported sun degradation and fitment issues.

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