Anti-Theft Devices for Your UTV

You went into a showroom and saw it on the floor. It immediately called out your name and you laid down your hard earned money for the UTV of your dreams. “How could anyone not want one of these?” you thought to yourself as you took it home or headed straight to the trails.

You’re not alone. UTVs are made for fun and their aggressive looks are designed to make everyone want one. Unfortunately, there are those out there not willing to to put down the cash that you did and want to take the easy route to getting one of their own. Your prized possessions may be their next target.

There are a few tips to help you prevent the theft of your Polaris, Can-Am, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda or other SXS. Some are free, but others are going to require a relatively small investment to protect your expensive machine.

Free Anti-Theft Tips

  • Don’t leave your keys in your UTV.
  • Out of sight, our of mind. Keep you SXS in the garage or away from where people will easily spot it.
  • Block it in. Use a larger vehicle or object to make it less convenient to access.
  • Pull a main fuse or relay.
  • Not free, but you need it anyway. Get good insurance. Read on for anti-theft devices that can get you a discount on your insurance.

These tips can fairly easily be defeated, but nothing is absolutely theft proof. The more inconvenient that it is to steal your UTV, the more likely that dishonest people will move on to an easier target. Wisely spending money on a quality anti-theft device will make it even harder for a thief to take your stuff and will even save you money on your insurance or prevent an increase in insurance rates from being forced to file a claim.

Lonestar Tracking Oyster2 GPS Tracker

LoneStar Tracking’s compact, rugged GPS tracking device is specially suited for a wide range of applications from UTVs to trailers to regular passenger cars and trucks. Just 3 AA batteries allow for up to 5 YEARS of tracking. With the device, you will receive real-time alerts right on your smartphone or computer. The Oyster LTE’s discreet, low-profile design means it’s easily hidden where only you can find it. In the event of theft, this gives you or law enforcement the best chance to recover your equipment.

The Oyster2 never takes a break and is constantly monitoring your UTV or other vehicle for movement. If movement is detected greater than 750ft, the system will immediately notify you via text message, email and a push notification so you can take immediate action. Lonestar Tracking specifically designed the Oyster2 to limit false notifications. So if you receive an alert, you can be confident that your rig is on the move.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you’re covered as well. LoneStar Tracking provides end-to-end encryption and security. Your personal data and your location data is encrypted, right at the source, on the GPS tracker. No one can access your location unless they have your username and password. This is especially useful in the event you need to give your information to law enforcement to track your UTV.

The GPS tracker is designed to update its location every five minutes while on the move and once per day when stationary. As soon as your tracker leaves the 750ft radius you have set, it will immediately alert you and begin updating its position every 5 minutes on your map on your mobile device. The device works anywhere where GPS signals can ping and your location data is is able to be sent back to your mobile or computer as long as it is in an area with cell phone service. Lonestar Tracking have partnerships with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to give you the best coverage possible on the latest Cat-M1 networks.

There are less expensive trackers available on the market, but buyer beware if you actually need it. Some are very inaccurate, some have less coverage area and others are simply unable to ping a GPS signal unless exposed, which negates the point of a GPS tracker if it’s easily seen.

Lonestar Tracking works on a subscription based service which you can either pay monthly or with a yearly plan.

Trimax Deluxe TCL75 Wheel Chock Lock

The Trimax Deluxe Universal Wheel Chock Lock features an exclusive dual-action design to chock and lock a wheel in one easy step, to prevent vehicle roll-away. The Chock Lock provides quick and easy installation and good security for unattended UTVs, trailers or trucks. The TCL75 is m ade of heavy-gauge rugged powder-coated steel, with rubber-coated arms to protect your wheel’s finish. High strength pick-resistant locking mechanism has a cover to help keep out dirt and grime when you’re on the trails.

The Trimax TCL75 will work for up to a 33″ tall tires up to 12.5″ wide on 15″ wheels.

These work well as a theft deterrent and would require a would-be thief to make a lot of noise with an angle grinder or spend significant time with a hacksaw to remove. The tires can still turn, but will make quite a racket in doing so or at the very least, a bone jarring ride.

Trimax offers a lifetime year warranty on the TCL75.

Rupse Wireless Alarm System

This is similar to traditional alarm systems used for cars and trucks, but doesn’t come with a way to disable the ignition. Instead it works off of simple vibration. Once you arm the device and it experiences a vibration, the alarm will sound for an extended period of time and alert you or others around that your UTV has been tampered with.

The sensitivity can be adjusted with the remote, along with the volume levels. The alarm is extremely loud for its size and we prefer this style versus some other battery operated versions so that you can have a hidden and permanent location to mount this.

For the pricepoint, this is a very affordable theft deterrent.

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